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Cardiff Saab Specialist - About Me


Since leaving school in 1973, I spent 32 years working at Concept Saab in Cardiff. I served a 5 year City and Guilds apprenticeship in Motor Vehicle Repair and in 1978 qualified as a Technician. In 1984 I achieved the level of Saab Master Technician and then in 1988 I became the Saab Master Technician of the year nationally.

Gary Blake, The Founder Of Cardiff Saab Specialist.

In latter 2011 I was made redundant from Concept Saab, which pushed me into doing what I had been toying with for many years and formed my own company Cardiff Saab Specialist. I have always worked passionately with Saabs and now being my own boss has put the icing on the cake.

I pride myself with giving an excellent standard of customer care and a quality service. Every customer is treated individually and with the greatest of respect. As being in the motor trade for as long as I have, I understand that the best way for my company to grow is by returning and word of mouth business. So every customer is important to me and appreciated.

Gary Blake

Founder, Cardiff Saab Specialist.

Saab car emblems through the years

The Saab logo from 1947 until 1949
The Saab logo from 1949 until 1962
The Saab logo from 1963 until 1969
The Saab logo from 1969 until 1974
The Saab logo from 1974 until 1983
The Saab logo from 1984 until 1995
The Saab logo from 1995 until 2002

Saab 92001 - The Ursaab

The Ursaab was a prototype and a unique automobile, first produced in 1947. "Ur" in Swedish is translated as "original" thus making "Original Saab".

Saab 92 - Model Years 1950-1952

A two-cylinder, two-stroke 764cc 25hp thermo siphon water-cooled engine powered the 92. The maximum speed was around 105km/h. The 92 had three gears, the first being unsynchronised.

Saab Classic 900 - Model Years 1979-1993

The 900 was a 2, 3, 4 or 5 door hatchback (Combi Coupé) the GL with 100hp single carb engine and the GLS with 108hp twin-carb set up, the fuel injected EMS delivering 118hp same as the GLE and the flagship 900 Turbo with 145hp turbocharged two-litre in-line slant four.